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Hi – I’m Bentley. I’m a Cocker Spaniel and I live at Heceta Beach.

Actually, I pretty much RUN the place, since my owner and I are on the beach every day. I love to explore all the stuff that comes in every day with each new tide. I help my owner find shells and sand dollars, and there are such great smells on the beach, especially around the driftwood. I also love to chase the seagulls, although I’ve never caught one. Mostly, though, I just love to run and run on the beach – it’s so pretty and clean, and sometimes we see whales and sea lions, along with the fishing boats. Some people fly kites, and they’re fun to watch, too. My owner can’t keep up with me, so I am usually running by myself ahead of him. That’s why I love to see other dogs and people. I am very friendly and love to meet all breeds of dogs. I also love all the different and fun people I meet – especially the ones who carry dog treats – YUM!

So, please come to Heceta Beach and stay at one of the Whales Watch rentals. Leslie is great – and so is her dog, Renfro. But, if you come, be sure and bring some treats for me.

I’ll be looking for you,


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Bentley with his Treasure

Bentley on the Beach