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Betsy and George

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Hi, I'm Betsy and this is my brother George. We are the luckiest Bassets ever because we live on Heceta Beach near Florence, Oregon. We're lucky because "Mom and Dad" adopted us in December 2009 from the animal shelter. Now we are heaven!! We get to go for walks on the beach almost everyday. Most times we go with our very best friend Renfro, Leslie's Cairn Terror, not Terrier. We all make a great pack, but Renfro loves chasing his tennis ball better than playing with us. We don't mind, 'cause we meet so many friendly dogs and people on the beach, also great logs to sniff, sand to roll in, and jellyfish that scare me. George is braver than me. Hope you can come join us sometime and don't forget to bring your best buddy to play on the beach with us. Betsy Basset

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