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Wow! Heceta Beach has all new smells, sights and sounds. I live in the high desert of New Mexico and never have seen so much water, heard the thundering surf, or sniffed a beach after the tide has gone out. My owners took me walking on the beach, over miles of dunes, through forests, to lakes, and out to tide pools. I did meet another Corgi on the beach, though. There was one tense moment, even for a dog; when I fast-tracked it up a 10-foot high rock out-cropping on the Baker Beach, and I couldn’t get back down. Luckily Tim, and Ann were able to lift me off, as my short legs are much better suited for the halls of Buckingham Palace than for vertical cliff faces. My one disappointment was the seagulls. They looked like such easy prey, until I stealthily ran after one and another and all got away. --Foxy




foxy and friend