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We love wet noses, sandy paws, and wagging tails. At Whales Watch Vacation Rentals, we understand that it just doesn't feel right to leave your 4-legged family member behind. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about pet sitters or kennels when you vacation at one of our homes. We're proud to offer the largest selection of Pet Friendly vacation rentals at Heceta Beach.


1 bedrooms - Beachcomber Bungalow, Whales Watch, Sea Star Spa, Surf Sounds, Anchor's Away, Castaway's Cottage

2 Bedrooms - Heceta Haven, Seaweed, Moonshadow Retreat, Helmsman's Hide-A-Way

3 or more Bedrooms - Sea Lion Surf, Starfish Sands, Gull Landing, Smugglers Cove, Saltwater Tides, Wave Watcher, Sand Dollar Shores & Shore Leave

OreoVacation Home Policies

  • Please note that pets are not allowed unless the home is marked as a Pet Friendly vacation property (registered service animals excluded).
  • Pet Friendly properties allow housebroken, well-behaved dogs
  • A $10.00 per dog, per night fee will be charged
  • Please contact us at 1-800-760-1866 with any questions regarding Whales Watch Vacation Rental Pet Policies.

Traveling to Florence with Your Pet

  • Plot rest stops along the way (every 3 hours is a good estimate).
  • Make a list of several veterinary hospitals that are easily accessible from your route. Hopefully you won’t need them…but just in case.
  • Pack a goodie bag to keep your dog entertained.  Include toys, treats, a blanket or dog bed. 
  • Don’t forget the essentials: leash, water bowl, medications, medical records and ‘doggie’ bags.
  • Fleas and ticks can be found in Florence and the surrounding areas.. Don’t forget to apply his/her flea control medication so it has time to take effect.

OttoHeceta Beach Safety for Your Pet

Remember, dogs don’t sweat! This makes them more susceptible to overheating, heat prostration or other conditions with serious side effects.

It’s inevitable that your dog will ingest some saltwater while playing on the beach. A small amount of saltwater is OK but ingestion in large amounts can be dangerous to your dog. The most common side effect is diarrhea and vomiting and symptoms usually subside within the same day. If you’re concerned about the amount of saltwater your dog has consumed, contact the Florence veterinarian for advice. Severe dehydration can cause irrevocable damage to his/her internal organs. Make sure you keep an ample supply of fresh water available to your pooch while frolicking on the beach! It's also advisable that you do not let your dog drink out of the creeks & run offs on the beach, as these may contain harmful bacteria at certain times of the year.

Overheating is a potentially life threatening condition which can be easily avoided. Always have a supply of fresh water available, limit exercise during the hottest part of the day and make sure he/she has a shady place to cool off. The main sign of overheating is erratic breathing patterns.

Know the Heceta beach tide report before heading to the beach. Small dogs can actually develop musculoskeletal injuries from the impact of crashing waves that may overwhelm the pooch and cause drowning. Do not allow your family friend to swim too far from land; dogs too are susceptible to the ocean's powerful rip currents.

First Aid for Beach Dogs

LucyIt’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from minor injuries or illnesses while playing on the beach. Most common injuries/illnesses such as hot spots, diarrhea, foot injuries and lacerations can be treated at home, but if you’re ever in doubt always consult with our local vet.

Hot Spots are typically characterized by itchiness, redness, area sensitivity, hair loss (due to chewing and licking), and sometimes oozing. They often occur on the hind area or on the face. Caring for hot spots: carefully trim the hair over and around the area, clean area with soap and water or hydrogen peroxide. Apply an over the counter cortisone cream 2x a day. If condition worsens, contact a veterinarian for professional advice.

Diarrhea can often occur when your pooch ingests too much saltwater, changes in his dog food, the stress of traveling and being in a new place. If diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, forgo any home care and contact a veterinarian right away.

Over-exertion, whether while running on the beach or jumping up and down stairs can often lead to foot, hip or leg injuries. Rest is usually the answer for this one, however, if sensitivity continues, contact a vet.

Minor abrasions or cuts should be cleaned with soap and water and then coated with a triple antibiotic 2x per day. If redness or bleeding continue or become worse, contact a veterinarian.

PotterThe information above was compiled from several different veterinary sites for your convenience. In no way does Whales Watch Vacation Rentals claim to be an expert on dog safety or health concerns. If you have a concern about the health and safety of your pet, please contact your veterinarian or our trusted veterinarian. Osburn Veterinarians (541)902-2013

Leash Laws

While there is no leash law on Heceta Beach, you may be crossing, county, state, or federal parks on your way to the beach that require a leash. To avoid confusion, it is best to take your dog onto and off of the beach on leash. If you see a dog on leash, be considerate, some dogs are unaccustomed to greeting numerous dogs, if you can't control your dog on the beach don't let if off leash.